The DOL’s Standard Form 1444 or commonly known as the SF-1444, is filled out to request for authorization of additional classification and rate. Majority of the information needed in the form must be completed by the prime contractor.

Here is the step-by-step guide in filling out the SF-1444:

  • Box 1 – Prefilled, and should always be addressed to the DOL’s office address
  • Box 2 - The Area Civil Rights Expert will enter his or her name and address. This section can be left empty by contractors
  • Box 3 – Name of the prime contractor or company name of the project
  • Box 4 – Date the form was accomplished
  • Box 5 - Applicable NTESS subcontract number
  • Box 6 – Date of when the bid starts (applicable for sealed bids only)
  • Box 7 - Date of NTESS subcontract award
  • Box 8 – Actual date of work begins/began
  • Box 9 – This portion is applicable for Service Contracts only and not for construction, and this should be left blank.
  • Box 10 - This is the name of the operating subcontractor. This box needs to be left empty if there is no subcontractor and the prime contractor is handling everything.
  • Box 11 – This is a description of the work that is done and for which wage is appropriate.
  •  Box 12 - The location where the work is being performed. To describe this location, you will need to include the city or another detail.
  • Box 13 - This is the wage decision information. The wage determination that must be disclosed is the one that is documented in the project files that were sent for advertising.
  1. Number: Either the federal “General Decision Number” or “Project Decision Number”
  2. Dated: The date is the latest “Publication Date” listed at the bottom of the page.

13.a - Include a list of all the classifications used by the prime contractor or its subcontractors that are not covered (13a) by the relevant federal area wage determination.

13.b - The form's wage rate section (lines 13b and 13c) should have appropriate ties to the salary rates for the various categories included in the federal wage determination (equipment operators, laborers, truck drivers, etc.).

  • Box 14 – Signature of the subcontractor if applicable
  • Box 15 – Must be signed by the prime contractor
  • Box 16 - The employee or representative (union, etc.) must sign this block and state their title in the "Title" block if;

 (a) a specific employee will do the labor classification(s) mentioned in block 13a, and

(b) the employee has legal representation.

Write "unknown" in the block if no individual employee has been identified to carry out the given classification(s) of work. You must check the "Agree or Disagree" box.

 The guide above is available in different sources online, especially in the DOL website. After the boxes are filled up, it is important to check if the completed form is signed by all parties involved.